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Canada's Costco customers get the chance to Grin like a Cheshire Cat

Canada's Costco customers get the chance to Grin like a Cheshire Cat

Following on from their first order earlier in 2021 the Canadian giant Costco received an even bigger consignment of Cheese Gift packs from the international award-winning British Cheese producers, Cheshire Cheese Company.  The Trio of Cheese gift contains three of our amazing range of blended cheese. All of our cheese starts off as mature Cheddar, Cheshire or Wensleydale before we use our Cheese Alchemy to blend them into our fantastic flavour combinations.  Each cheese is hand-dipped in food-grade wax to protect the cheese and give a unique decorative appearance, these are referred to in Britain as 'waxed truckles' and each one weighs approximately 200g.  

Featuring in this Trio gift pack is our best selling Caramelised Onion & Rioja red wine Cheddar, the flavour combination pops on the taste buds and will leave you wanting more! Accompanying this is another festive favourite, Irish Whiskey & Stem Ginger Cheddar, the careful balance of sweet and savoury and a splash of Whiskey is perfection. Last but not least is our Christmas special Creamy Wensleydale & Cranberry Cheese with a crumbly texture this is the annual cheeseboard essential.

We are certain our range of cheese will be as popular in Canada as it is in the UK, so please let Costco Canada know how much you like and we can send more or of our unique range of cheese so that Canadians can also grin like the Cheshire Cat!

Exclusively available in Montreal and Toronto please check with the store before making a special visit.