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Shadow Trade Minister's Fact Finding Visit

Shadow Trade Minister's Fact Finding Visit

We were pleased to welcome MP's Emily Thornberry, Shadow Minister for International Trade & Industry and Bill Esterson, Shadow Minister for Trade. It was refreshing to not only have MP's that listened and understood our total loss of the EU market since Brexit but also to discuss practical solutions to restore access to our closest and largest international market.

We were the first to flag the 'oversight' in January by the UK Government that they had signed an agreement that ended the ability of all animal foodstuff producers to sell directly to the EU consumer market. Our Managing Director, Simon Spurrell has provided over 160 interviews to national and international, TV, radio and press surrounding first the total loss of the EU consumers and later the unviable commercial access to the EU wholesale market.

The root of all the problems, for us and other food producers, is due to the UK Government, very late on in their negotiations for their Brexit deal refused to agree to have food standards that matched or were better than the EU's. This eleventh-hour decision and their lack of due diligence to actual knock of effect is the reason that we need to have a Veterinary surgeon issued health certificate, known as an EHC, costing £180 each along with additional several layers of bureaucratic paperwork to send either one single cheese or a pallet load to the EU. This refusal to dynamically align with the EU food standards has cost the UK over £6 billion in lost exports to the EU with new international trade deals only bringing in less than half this amount.

We along with other small food producers want to see the Government open up negotiations with the EU to allow an exemption for all consumers just as is in place already for EU consumers to purchase up to 20kg of fish without duty or the requirement for an EHC document. The solution for renewed economic prosperity would be for the UK to align its already high food standards with the EU, let's all hope common sense will prevail!  At the moment there are no reciprocal restrictions for any EU food producers all of whom remain free of duty and paperwork to export their goods into the UK.

Shown in the picture is from the left Director Laurence Bass, Bill Esterson MP, Director Ruth Bass, Emily Thornberry MP, Simon Spurrell Managing Director.