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All our cheese (except for the Blue Cheese) has best before end dates into 2022 - perfect for Christmas gifts

Hartington Stilton Whey Artisan Vodka, 70cl


Introducing the World's only Stilton Whey Vodka! This incredibly unique and rare spirit is the fruitful collaboration of two Derbyshire artisans, Hartington Creamery and Cuckoostone Distillery. Hartingon's fresh Stilton Whey has been distilled and vapour infused with six botanicals and charcoal filtered into a pure spirit. This is a very smooth, clean vodka, with aromatic botanicals which create a pleasing warmth on the pallet. It has a rich mouthfeel from the whey which resolves to a delicate creamy finish.

The Cuckoostone micro-distillery hand make and hand label this vodka in small batches and like all of their amazing range, this is a spirit that is sought after by aficionados and enthusiasts and will sell out frequently.

Bottles are 70cl and Alcohol is 42% by volume.

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All our cheese (except for our Vintage Gold & Blue Cheese) has 2022 best before dates, you can also freeze it for up to 12 months How to store cheese?

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Hartington Stilton Whey Artisan Vodka, 70cl