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All our cheese (except for the Blue Cheese) has best before end dates into 2022 - perfect for Christmas gifts

Hemming's Small Batch Gin 50cl : 40% Vol


Hemming’s have created a premium gin that is hand crafted in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Botanicals include juniper, lemon peel, mint, cardamon, coriander and camomile. This London Dry Gin is made in a column still.

This combination gives the gin a smooth finish with a lovely crisp clean flavour, best served with lemon. We like to think of our gin as an everyday gin and because of this we needed the bottle to not only stand out but to be able to be used over and over again

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Hemming's Small Batch Gin 50cl : 40% Vol
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All our cheese (except for our Vintage Gold & Blue Cheese) has 2022 best before dates, you can also freeze it for up to 12 months How to store cheese?

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Hemming's Small Batch Gin 50cl : 40% Vol