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Royal Blue Artisan Boxed Cheese - 200g


APPEARANCE NOTE: This is a live rind culture cheese and each cheese is unique in appearance, the rind will often have a mould or fur on the outside, this is perfectly safe to eat and a natural occurrence. You can if you prefer cut the rind off and just enjoy the soft creamy cheese. Always best served at room temperature.

New Recipe Our Royal Blue Artisan cheese is a unique soft blue-veined cheese, hand made in small batches using traditional, methods of manufacture and ageing. Because of the small production, this cheese will go in and out of stock as we wait for batches to mature. Please note all Blue Cheese can only have short dates and may have as little a 10 days with a maximum of 28 day. 

International Cheese Award Bronze Winner 2019.

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All our Waxed Cheese Truckles typically have between 1 and 6 months best before dates, depending on variety and time of year. How to store cheese?

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Royal Blue Artisan Boxed Cheese - 200g