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No. 1 Cheese Selection, Waxed Cheese Gift Set

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Please note that Masala has a Best Before date of 8 March.

Experience the new standard for British Waxed Cheese. We're all about quality, flavour and unbeatable taste, and our No.1 Selection is no exception. Exactly what it suggests, this selection combines our very best sellers and most loved waxed cheeses - including timeless classics like Cheshire and Cheddar, made to recipes mastered over generations, as well as award-winning flavour infusions sure to be the centre of attention on your cheeseboard. Perfect for sharing, savouring, and creating unforgettable cheeseboard experiences. 

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Our waxed cheese typically has between 2 - 3 months best before dates How to store cheese?

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No. 1 Cheese Selection, Waxed Cheese Gift Set