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Black Bob Extra Mature

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You have a Cheese Rewards point scheme how does this work and how can I review and use my points? 

A: You will gain points with every purchase you make, Facebook likes, friend referrals, product reviews and achievements and ranks. We automatically give you extra points on your birthday and there are special offers for extra points available, keep a lookout for our emails offers.  For full details and guides click here

Q: I am having problems logging in, can you help? 

A: Since we have added a new improved single page checkout some of you may be having problems logging in. This is because your device has stored (cached) the old version. The simple solution is to open our site in a Safari or Firefox in a private browsing session top right new private window or in Chrome a new incognito window.

Q: How long can your cheese be kept outside a fridge and will they be safe to eat? 

A: Sometimes the delivery of your order can be delayed and this can cause the cheese to become warm and soft. When it does this it will sometimes expand in the wax and cause a hairline crack.  This can cause some leakage to occur that is perfectly harmless, simply wipe the cheese down and chill the cheese in a fridge for a few hours to become firm again.  Due to the use of salt in our cheese varierty no harmful bacteria can form on the cheese. For extended periods of storage of more than a few days we recommend storage in fridge. 

Q: Do your products contain gluten if so which ones?

A: All are Gluten Free except for Old Hag Ale & Mustard Cheese, Old Hag Ale Chutney and Jamaican Jerk Cheddar Cheese.

Q: What do the best before dates mean?

A: The best before dates on our cheese are a guide date only that we are obliged to add to our cheese. The reality is that our cheese will last considerably longer than the dates shown if stored sealed in your fridge or frozen in the freezer.

Q: What are your delivery days and will I get my order next day?

A: We send out orders every Tuesday and Thursday for next day delivery. Except in November to December when we send out Monday to Friday with deliveries also on Saturday with Yodel Couriers. You need to order before 1pm Tuesday and Thursday or Monday to Friday during November and December to get a next day delivery. We use Yodel couriers who will email you updates for the progress of your order delivery.

Q: Is there a minimum order and a delivery charge?

A: Yes there is a minimum order value of £18 required with carriage of £4.99. Orders over £50 are free delivery. We have to apply a minimum order to be able to provide a service that does not make a loss. It costs us as much in overhead, packaging and carriage to send one cheese as it does to send out five but we only get 1/5th of the contribution to our running costs. The delivery cost is subsidised by us and we pay the VAT equivalent on your order. We are constantly looking at ways of reducing the carriage costs and passing on the savings. 

Q: Is your cheese suitable for vegetarians?

A: Yes nearly all of our cheese is made with vegetarian rennet the Vintage Gold is not suitable for vegetarians but all of the rest of the range is VegSoc Approved.

Q: Is your cheese made with pasteurised milk and is it suitable for pregnant women?

A: Yes all of our cheese is made with pasteurised milk.

Q: How long can I keep your cheese for?

A: Most cheese will last up to 3 months if kept in the fridge. We have to include compulsory Best Before End (BBE) dates which are not true indications of the lifetime and quality of the cheese.

Q: Can I freeze your cheese?

A: Yes you can freeze our cheese and it will keep for up to 12 months

Q: What is your payment process and refund procedure?

A: In the event we need to refund you for any reason you please email online@cheshirecheesecompany.co.uk and we will process a return or refund.

Q: Is your website secure?

A: Yes we use SagePay and PayPal to process all of our payments. Your card details are only entered into the secure SagePay or Paypal website and we do not store any payment details on our own web site. Please note you can use PayPal to process a debit or credit card instead of using SagePay.

Q: Where is your cheese made and where are you based? 

A: All of our cheese range is created by us and we produce it in Crewe, Cheshire.  We have our central distribution of all our cheese based at Tolletts Farm, Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 0HZ and our administration office is Amtri House, Hulley Road, Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 2NE

Q: What is your cookie usage policy

A: The use of cookies is required to buy from the site click here to read more.

Q: What is your voucher and offer code policy

A: Only one voucher code can be used per order placed, the birthday voucher can be used at a show we attend as can the single or two cheese vouchers we issue. 

Q: How do I apply a voucher code or redeem a birthday voucher

A: You must be logged in, add your cheese choice to the cart and then click top right Shopping cart Icon to view cart. At the bottom of the page next to the total you will find a coupon box please add your code.