A Cheshire Winter Feast Board

A Cheshire Winter Feast Board
Christmas Winter Cheese Graze Board

A Cheshire Winter Feast Board

Create the perfect grazing board for a Christmas get-together. This board would serve 8-10 people.



  1. Take a lazy Susan or a circular board, if possible, approximately 45 cm in diameter. 
  2. Place ramekins or small bowls on the board and fill them with the olives and your chosen chocolates.
  3. Remove the top from The Cheshire Cheese, and using a cheese knife, twist in a circular motion to create rustic chunks of cheese.
  4. Next, slice the blue cheese, Truffle Cheese, and Cranberry Cheese and add to your board.
  5. Make your board interesting by cutting the cheese using different methods, here, I have sliced the Smoked Red Leicester into a zipper formation by cutting it into triangles and then alternating them.