Cheshire Cheese Cranberry Cane

Cheshire Cheese Cranberry Cane

Cheshire Cheese Cranberry Cane

How to make your very own cheese candy cane for the perfect party pleaser platter this Christmas!

This easy-to-make candy cane is the perfect opportunity to put all your favourite goodies on one cheese board.

Why not recreate your very own savoury candy cane instead or even swap the cheeses for your favourite truckles?



  1. Take a wooden board that is approximately 45cm by 35cm.
  2. Slice your Wensleydale & Cranberry and Cheshire cheese wax truckles into chunks or triangles and arrange them on your board. Alternate the board between red and white produce to form a candy cane shape.
  3. Garnish with fresh sage leaves.
  4. Serve with our Gourmet Chilli Jam Relish and enjoy!

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The Cheshire Cheese Company Cranberry Cane