The No.1 Christmas Gathering Board

The No.1 Christmas Gathering Board
No.1 Christmas Cheeseboard

The No.1 Christmas Gathering Board

Unwrap the joy of Christmas and gatherings with family and friends with our Christmas No.1 Waxed Cheese Selection that brings the perfect festive feast together – this delightful cheese board that not only tantalises taste buds but also sparks conversations and merriment. Share the magic of the season, one delicious bite at a time, with our Number One Selection gift set.



  1. Take a paddle board or pizza board and add a seasonal ribbon to make your creation pop.
  2. Start by cutting the Masala and Smokewood Cheese into zipper arrangements by cutting the cheese into rectangles and then halving it into a triangle shape.  Arrange on the board.  Here, you can leave on the wax or remove it by keeping the wax intact; this adds colour and interest to your board.
  3. Next, remove the wax from the Black Bob and Reserva cheese and cut in half. (Keep half to one side and add to the board when required). 
  4. We love the green-coloured wax of our Shamrock cheese, which is perfect for any Christmas occasion, so we have left the wax on here and cut off a small bite.
  5. Next, slice the Jerk Cheddar and arrange it on your board.
  6. Fill ramekins with your favourite olives or pickles and add pomegranate for that perfect festive feel.   Add grapes, figs, raspberries, chocolate, and the sliced satsumas.
  7. Add any fresh herbs to garnish your board and enjoy!