Everything You Need to Know About Our NEW Cheshire Cheese Rebrand!

Everything You Need to Know About Our NEW Cheshire Cheese Rebrand!
Cheshire Cheese Company Rebranding

Everything You Need to Know About Our NEW Cheshire Cheese Rebrand!

Why have we rebranded?

A brand refresh was long overdue, and we have taken the opportunity to take a fresh look at our existing image. Our original logo and packaging design had evolved rather than having been created with a single vision to reflect our true premium cheese quality. We are a proper field-to-fork producer taking milk from local herds to our farm to make our award-winning cheese before blending and waxing them into truckles. 

What’s the aim of our rebrand? 

We have created a contemporary new look that gives our cheese, chutneys and biscuits a cohesive first impression. We wanted an evolution of our flagship logo rather than a revolution. Our iconic Cheshire Cat has remained the primary focus, with a complementary palate of colours identifying our different cheeses. We wanted to ensure the quality of our cheese accompaniments and gifts is fully represented by their look and feel.

What’s changed?

We have changed our logo style and the shape and finish of our cheese truckles. The same great-tasting hand-made cheese is inside our improved waxed finishes and packaging designs. We have made the names of our cheese shorter and more memorable too. Look out for our all-new range of gifting ideas which are all undertaking a significant overhaul. 

Joining our Alchemy range is three new cheeses for 2023. Masala, as the name suggests, is a homage to the Indian art of spicery. Creamy Red Leicester carefully blended with a Garam mix and nigella seeds delivers a flavour sensation we are confident will become a new favourite. Our fantastic aged Red Leicester is the star of our new Smokewood cheese. We have chosen to naturally smoke our cheese rather than use a smoke flavour additive like our competitors. The difference is remarkable as our redwood chips impart a subtler unique smoke flavour. The trilogy is completed with Hunter, our wonderfully rich and indulgent truffle and black pepper cheddar cheese. We have strived for the perfect balance that will appeal to more people than a pure truffle, try it and see why we think this is so special.

We hope you love the rebrand as much as we do! 

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