Santa Cheese Face Sharing Plate

Santa Cheese Face Sharing Plate
Santa Cheese Face Sharing Plate

Santa Cheese Face Sharing Plate

This festive Santa Cheese Faceplate is a delightful and whimsical appetiser or centrepiece for Christmas gatherings. Enjoy the creative process and the delicious combination of flavours!



  1. Prepare the Cheese: Remove the wax from the top of the Cheshire Cheese Company Traditional Cheshire truckle. Use a knife to carefully shape the exposed cheese into a flowing beard resembling Santa's iconic white beard.
  2. Create Santa's Hat: Take thin slices of salami and curl them into a cone shape to form Santa's hat. Place the salami hat on top of the cheese, positioning it towards the top of the cheese truckle.
  3. Add the Nose: Place a raspberry at the centre of the cheese, slightly below the hat, to create Santa's nose.
  4. Make the Eyes: Gently press peppercorns into the cheese above the raspberry to form Santa's eyes.
  5. Complete with a Hat Trim: Surround the end of the hat of the salami hat with star-shaped crackers to add a decorative trim to Santa's hat, and add more wax to create the fur on Santa’s forehead.
  6. Serve and Enjoy: Place the completed Santa face on a serving platter and surround it with additional crackers, bread, or other accompaniments.

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