Say Hello to Our NEW Flavours!

Say Hello to Our NEW Flavours!

Say Hello to Our NEW Flavours!

He He He, the day we’ve all been excitingly counting down to… Our Cheshire Cheese Company rebrand launch day! We’re super excited to share our three new flavours that join our innovative cheese truckle range. These are seriously must-try cheese sensations!

Masala Red Leicester Cheese


Spiced Mango Chutney & Nigella Seeds Red Leicester

New to our Cheese Alchemy range, Masala has a delightful balance of sweetness and spice, layered with the distinctive flavour of nigella seeds. Expertly blended with our award-winning Red Leicester, spiced Mango Chutney and aromatic nigella seeds to deliver a burst of exotic flavours with every bite.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of flair to your favourite recipes or spice up your dinner party cheese board, it is sure to impress with its unforgettable flavour. Treat your taste buds to a one-of-a-kind cheese experience with Masala!

Smokewood Naturally Smoked Aged Red Leicester


Naturally Smoked Aged Red Leicester 

New & Improved Recipe!

Crafted to perfection, Smokewood strikes a delicate balance between our rich, creamy Red Leicester and a subtle, natural smokiness. After carefully ageing to enhance the depth of flavour, this cheese is naturally smoked over wood chips to deliver an irresistible smokiness that melts in the mouth. Not all smoked cheese is smoked naturally in this way - ours is, and you can see and taste the difference.

Each Smokewood truckle bursts with character, making this cheese perfect for any occasion, whether that be savouring the melt-in-the-mouth flavours in a quiet moment to yourself or as an impressive addition to any gathering. It is a true sensation that will elevate any dining experience, enjoyed on its own or paired with complementary crackers, fruits, or a full-bodied red wine.

Hunter Truffle Cheddar Cheese


Luxury Truffle & Cracked Black Pepper Mature Cheddar 

Indulge in the luxurious taste of Hunter, our exquisite Black Truffle & Cracked Black Pepper Mature Cheddar. Made with only the finest ingredients, our creamy mature cheddar is delicately blended with aromatic truffle mince and now enhanced with the bold kick of cracked black pepper.

This cheese is the epitome of luxury, delivering a rich and indulgent profile guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your cheeseboard, Hunter pairs perfectly with crusty bread, fine wine, and fresh fruit. Savour the ultimate in cheese indulgence with Hunter, a true masterpiece of culinary excellence.