What Cheese goes with Christmas Cake?

What Cheese goes with Christmas Cake?
What cheese goes with Christmas Cake

What Cheese goes with Christmas Cake?

As food debates go, ‘Do you eat Christmas cake with cheese’ is right up there with the great cream tea controversy (cream or jam first?) and what’s the right way to cut toast (diagonally or straight across?). In Yorkshire, people don’t bat an eyelid about adding a slice of cheese to their Christmas cake, while in other parts of the country, it might raise a quizzical eyebrow.

This blog looks at the tradition of enjoying cheese with cake at Christmas, what cheese goes with Christmas cake, and how to add cheeky new twists to the traditional pairing. At the Cheshire Cheese Company we have every type of Christmas cheese to make the festive season extra special – but let’s focus on the cheeses that go best with Christmas cake.

Which cheese to eat with Christmas cake?

As we’ve already established, cheese and Christmas cake are commonly eaten together in Yorkshire. People there even have an endearing saying: “Christmas cake without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.”

In Yorkshire, Christmas cake is usually eaten with Wensleydale, a type of cheese produced in North Yorkshire. It’s a tradition that dates back at least to Victorian times, according to food historian Peter Brears from Leeds.

“My grandparents were born in the 1890s and it was very much part of their Christmas celebrations,” he says. “It’s one of those things that is perfectly normal in Yorkshire, yet when you go anywhere else you get a horrified look and I think it would be good to spread its appeal.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more, Peter. As a local food producer from Cheshire, we believe our Cheshire cheese, made to a time-honoured recipe that’s been refined over generations, makes the perfect partner to a piece of Christmas cake on a plate. 

Why Cheshire cheese with Christmas cake?

The Cheshire family of cheeses is a distinct group that includes other crumbly cheeses from the north of England, including Wensleydale and crumbly Lancashire.

Our flagship Cheshire cheese is known for its smooth, creamy texture with its distinctive Cheshire tang. The perfect balance of flavour is achieved through our traditional cheesemaking process, and our Cheshire cheese is a gold winner at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards in 2023. 

This Christmas, we’ve also introduced two brand new Cheshire cheese truckles with festive twists, adding a burst of extra flavour to compliment your cake.

What cheese with Christmas cake? Try our festive specials

Because we know that Christmas goes hand-in-hand with the iconic taste of cranberry, we’re incredibly proud of our new world exclusive for 2023: Cranberry, a deliciously sweet crumbly Cheshire cheese bursting with the more-ish flavours of real cranberry pieces.

Clementine, our other brand-new festive special, is an exquisite combination of orange, Cognac and dried fruit, expertly blended with our renowned creamy Cheshire cheese.

Both of these cheeses are appealing companions alongside rich and fruity Christmas cake. We’ve got limited availability of both our festive specials, so don’t hang about if you want to tuck into this tasty twosome when December comes. With their distinctive red and green wax coverings, they look suitably seasonal on any Christmas table.

Serving cheese with Christmas cake

Traditionally, Yorkshire folks found that the sharp and crumbly Wensleydale cheese worked perfectly either perched on top or eaten alongside a moist, rich slice of Christmas cake.

Every good tradition deserves an update from time to time, so you could try your cake with two or more slices of different cheeses alongside it. We suggest trying one of the delicious Cheshire cheeses we’ve described above, perhaps with a slice of our legendary, award-winning Vintage Cheddar.

You could also try our Hartington Dovedale Blue Cheese, which is softer and less dense than Stilton, with a wonderful blue tangy taste. 

Take a look at all of our range of cheese truckles, which are sold individually or in a variety of Christmas cheese hampers and gifts.

Summary: What cheese to eat with Christmas cake

If you’re looking for a traditional take on Christmas treats, combining rich, moist Christmas cake with a creamy, expertly crafted cheese like our Cheshire or Cheddar will transport you back to Victorian times. And after all, it is the Victorians who showed us how to do Christmas properly.

The tradition can be traced back to Yorkshire in the late 19th century, and it’s one that’s caught on in different parts of the UK as well as further afield. 

If the practice of pairing cheese with sweet fruit cake sounds a bit nuts, then we’d encourage you to give it a try. Most of our dearest traditions have local roots somewhere, and at the Cheshire Cheese Company, we’re all for anything that adds some cheese into the mix. 

If, like many of the good people of Yorkshire, you wouldn’t dream of serving a piece of Christmas cake without a slice of delicious cheese nestled next to or on top of it, then our cheese truckles are a must for your home this Christmas.

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