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Recipes that Make You Grin!

The following cheese recipes have been created by Simon Spurrell co-founder and director of Cheshire Cheese Company. If you have a recipe you want to share with us using our amazing range of cheese and you also have a photograph of the finished result get in touch and we will reward you some free cheese! Email us

Gin Cheshire Cheesecake Recipe

Why not try making our super easy recipe for a Gin Cheshire Cheese cake. Use either Gin & Lemon or Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Cheshire Cheese to make this no bake unique dessert. Click the image or click here to see the recipe.

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'Chicken Cheshire's' Stuffed Breast with Cheese

If you haven't tried a Chicken Cheshire you are missing out on a special treat. This really simple to make recipe uses our Garlic & Cracked Black Pepper Cheese to stuff a chicken breast, then wrapped in ham and baked in the oven for 25 minutes for a super tasty evening meal. Click the image or click here to see the full recipe.

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Spanish Style Meatballs with Cheese

Make your own authentic tasting tapas at home topped with the Cheese That Makes You Grin the most! Known as 'Albondigas' in Spain adding handful of your favourite type of Cheshire Cheese Company cheese transforms this from a good dish to a tremendous one! Click the image or click here to see the full recipe.

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Cheshire Cheese, and Mixed Nuts Bread

Our creamy tangy Cheshire Cheese (or any of our amazing cheeses) with a selection of mixed nuts baked into a loaf of bread. Try it either as a white loaf or wholemeal, both versions are wonderful in taste and texture. Click the image or click here to see the full recipe.

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Cheshire Cheese, Spinach, Shallot and Ginger Pie with Pine nuts.

Tangy Cheshire Cheese complimented with sweet shallots, spinach, ginger, garlic and pine nuts baked in a short crust pastry. This is a super tasty recipe ideal for all of the family. Click the image or click here to see the full recipe.

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Double Baked Blue Cheese Souffles

Souffles strike fear into most chefs but this version uses a stress free double baked process with mild either Royal Blue Cheshire or Hartington Blue Stilton cheese to produce a fluffy and light tangy sensation that will even please those who don't normally enjoy blue cheese. Click the image to see the recipe

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El Gringo Spicy Chilli Burgers

El Gringo, Chilli Lime & Tequila Cheese is blended with prime steak mince and topped with even more tasty tangy cheese. Recreate this taste of Mexico at home for yourself. Click here or the image for the recipe

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Garlic & Chives Cheshire Cheese Tartlets

Tangy tasty Garlic & Chives Cheshire is the star of this easy fool proof recipe to make tartlets or a full size quiche. Try substituting the Garlic & Chives Cheshire with your other favourite cheese flavour. Click here for the full recipe

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Black & Blue UFO Burgers (Unidentified 'Frying' Objects

Home made burgers using Black Bob and Peakland Blue for the BBQ are easy to make with only 10-15 mins preparation and 100% more flavour. Called UFO's because the cheese is sealed between two patties and sealed around the edges so it look a bit like a flying saucer! The result is when cooked and bitten into the delicious cheese oozes out!

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Garlic & Chives Cheshire Cheese, Stuffed Courgettes

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week 2015 we have created a recipe using one of our VegSoc Approved Cheese.Garlic & Chive Cheshire Stuffed Courgettes. Click the image or click here to see the full recipe.

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